Command (use !s or !snail as the prefix) Usage Arguments (Don't use commas)
start Starts a snail race [delay] (Min 5 max 30)
enter Joins a lobby started lobby (after !s start) None
open Opens the prize you just won None
level Shows your or the [@user]'s current level [@user]
sell Sells the specified item for shop price (See Items) [item]
sellall Sells ALL or the [item] for shop price (See Items) [item]
levelboard Shows the top six levels in the server you're in None
bet Bets an item [item, amount]
buy Buys an item for rupees (see Items) [item, amount]
info Displays bot info for the shard you're on None
invite Gives link to invite the bot None
addlevelrole Auto-assigns role for that level [level, role]
give Give someone an item of yours [item, amount, user]
items Displays Items None
leaderboard Shows who owns most of an item (See Items) [item]
levelrole Shows role for your current level None
list Shows Shop (See Items) None
openall Opens all pending prizes None
price Shows the price of an item (See Items) [item]
removelevelrole Removes a level's assigned role [role]
roleboard Shows roles gained for levels None
suggest Sends a suggestion to the developers. [suggestion]
ddate Shows Discordian Date None